End Progress Paralysis

analysis paralysisWhen you are first getting started and trying to figure out what your business should be about, the initial stages is sometimes the hardest part.

This is especially true when it comes to picking a niche or focused topic for your site. Once you start trying to narrow down your choices and do some keyword research, it’s easy to get caught up in what would be the “right” choice to make.

Overcoming Uncertainty
You might find a niche that has high search volume but is competitive. You might find a niche that you love but has little traffic. You might feel like you won’t be interested in the long run. You might find that all your ideas are already taken. You might find that there are a lot of other people who know a lot more than you.

There could be a million reasons to choose (or not to choose) a particular niche, and it can hold you up in the creation process if you’re not careful.

Use Your Talents
It is important to go with something you enjoy or know a lot about. Here is where you should start.

Key Factors
As long as there is a good amount of people already actively searching for, talking about, and spending money in the area you choose, you can be confident that you will be able to build a successful business around that niche.

If there are people experiencing problems and looking for guidance or advice, you will always be able to create an information product that they will find valuable.

And as long as there is traffic that likes to buy online, you can build a subscriber list or offer advertising to your visitors.

Keep in mind that the main 2 niche requirements are if your niche has steady traffic that likes to buy online, and if you can make Offers to that traffic. Because Traffic + Offers = Money!

It is up to you whether you keep your focus more broad or narrow it down to a focused and specific topic within your niche.

If your focus is more broad, it will take more time and advertising to see results, but the earning potential is usually larger.

If your focus is more narrow, you will be able to see results faster, but you may be limited as far as how big you can build your business.

Each approach has its drawbacks and benefits.

Note: It’s best to start with a narrow focus to see progress with less effort, then expand gradually for more profit.

When it comes to making a decision and choosing a niche,
make sure it meets the following criteria:

-Something you can stick with for the next 12 months minimum
-People already talking about or searching for info on that topic
(with similar sites, forums, social presence, and products selling at good price points)
-Something that has problems to solve, goals to meet, or regular updates/news in that niche
-Medium to low competition is a plus

Let your gut and your passion lead you, and just make sure there’s enough demand to make it worth your while.

Don’t get stuck- keep moving forward no matter what.