How to Turn Your Passion Into Profit – Part 2

Creating Your Purpose-Driven Vision & Road Map

As a Digital Entrepreneur, the best way to start off is with a vision of the “big picture” of your business. Your vision will provide direction and you can create a virtual roadmap you can follow step by step until you reach your goals.

As you create your vision and set your goals, basing those goals on fulfilling your purpose is the key that will give you the motivation to achieve those goals and reach success beyond your wildest dreams. That motivation is fuel for passion in your life and a greater sense of achievement, happiness, and joy.

Your Purpose-Driven Vision

Creating and defining a clear image and vision in your mind can be done by first choosing your path and the best area of focus, then finding the best mentor, and finally fulfilling the ideal need.

Let’s get started!


Your journey to prosperity begins by choosing your area of focus, and that is achieved by exploring your purpose and the related subjects and interests. If you haven’t found your purpose, complete the steps in the Passion & Purpose eCourse first to tap into your inner compass to find the best path for ideal results.

Once you follow the instructions within the Passion & Purpose eCourse, you will gain clarity and direction as you discover the best path and begin your journey to purpose, which is a very important achievement. Take a moment to acknowledge the progress and advancement you have made this far. Now you will continue to travel a little farther on your journey to fulfillment and success.

You will start with one main topic that is in alignment with your purpose and list 3 sub-topics.

For each sub-topic you consider, ask yourself these questions:
> Is it interesting and exciting in some way?
> Does it make you want to tell others about it?
> Could you see yourself as a professional in this field?
> Could you see yourself as a knowledgeable authority figure in this field?
> Could you see yourself owning a business in this field?

When you can answer yes to those questions, you have found a good option that you can feel confident in choosing and moving forward with.

After you have thought about each option, choose the sub-topic that appeals to you the most and begin to explore the possibilities. This represents the first element of your purpose-driven vision and road map. Next you will look for real-time examples of success that can serve as inspiration and guidance along your journey.


When you want to achieve big goals in life, it’s wise to learn from people who started where you are now and have achieved the goals you want to achieve. You can look at the steps they took to get where they are now, revealing the winning strategy they used to find success. You can then follow in their footsteps to achieve success of your own.

Having a successful mentor that you can model your own actions after will give you the benefit of having a virtual “success blueprint”, which will result in less wasted time and faster progress.

The first thing you want to do to find your mentor is look for examples of successful businesses in your chosen topic. Check out websites, books, guides, and other products, and be aware of any brand or business you find that you would like to own for yourself. Look for the feeling of ‘I want that!’. And if you feel a sense of jealousy or urge to compete, these are good signs that you have found something you like, you want, and are motivated to grow with.

There are a few things to consider when looking for your mentor:
– Content Delivery
– Audience Interaction (outreach, marketing, preferences)
– Business Sense (prosperity)
– Potential Compatibility

Content Delivery
Most people online search for information and entertainment. Look for someone who has built a following by providing their audience with high quality content on a regular basis.

Format – Content can be presented as audio, written, or visual images like photo or video.
Note how your mentor prefers to deliver their content.

Frequency – Some leaders provide new content once a month, once a week, every day, or even several times a day. Note how often your mentor delivers their content.

Topics – Every leader has a main focus or main topic and several sub topics. Note their top 3 areas of focus.

Audience Interaction
Your mentor should have a solid, active, and growing audience. This is a good sign of possibility of long-term success. Learn more about the leaders in your topic, any partners they work with, any competitors, and of course the visitors and audience both as individuals and as a whole. Take a deeper look at how your mentor interacts with their audience by finding out how they attract visitors and build a following.

Outreach – True leaders make sure they have a presence online by reaching out to people who might be interested or who might benefit from what they have to offer. Look for other sites where you can find guest appearances, articles, comments, or advice from your mentor.

Participation – An active audience is a good sign that there is a demand in that particular topic, and potential for long-term growth with plenty of opportunities to make money. Look for audience interaction in the form of comments, questions, shares, concerns, problems, wants, needs, goals, likes, and dislikes. The more participation, the better.
Preferences – Through audience interaction and participation, you will be able to learn more about their preferences. Not only will this allow you to learn about and understand your audience, it will make it easier to help them, attract them, and build a business of your own. Make a note of anything that comes up frequently or has a sense of urgency. Make a list of the top 3 subjects, likes, and dislikes your mentor’s audience has.

Business Sense
Ideally your mentor will have keen business sense. This is where you will learn the fine details of becoming prosperous. If they have been able to build a strong presence online with a good reputation, then chances are high that they have a good understanding of what it takes to build long-term success. You can learn a lot if you know what to look for.

Marketing – Investing in paid advertising is a good sign that your mentor is looking to grow and expand, and it’s also a good sign that there is money to be made. Note if you can find any ads for your mentor on google, other related sites, or any images or videos that lead back to your mentor’s site. If you find any, note what type and where you found it.

Products – Note if your mentor is selling or recommending any products. This could be anything from digital products to physical products, including videos, books, guides, courses, tools, resources, etc. Think about what topics they cover and if they offer to solve any problems. Also note if they have visual or text ads for other people’s sites or products. This is a sign of good income streams that could be contributing to your mentor’s success.

Growth – As you explore and learn more about your topic, mentor, and audience, you should be able to see where your mentor started, how they progressed, where they are today, and where they are possibly headed for the future. Your mentor should have a mission, a vision, and a focus on growth and prosperity. This is the example you should follow and the energy you want to cultivate for yourself.

Potential Compatibility
After you’ve had the chance to explore and learn more about your potential mentor, it’s now time to review your notes to see if you have truly found a good match.

Ask yourself, if given all the resources you need, would you be genuinely happy owning a successful business like your mentor’s? Are you willing to follow in their footsteps by delivering high quality content, reaching out to your audience, and continuously growing your empire? Are you able to commit and focus on long-term success?

Making Your Choice
If you and your mentor are a compatible match, congratulations! You have accomplished a major step forward to success. You can now confidently move forward to the next step: fulfilling the ideal need as you help solve problems.


Once you have found your purpose, it will be realized and fulfilled by helping other people solve their problems. Not only does this intensify your connection to your purpose, it intensifies passion and fulfillment. And as an added benefit, it provides an opportunity to make money by offering valuable solutions to those who are looking for and need them.

Make sure you take time to explore your chosen topic and sub-topic, searching for audience input (questions, requests, complaints, goals, mistakes, and challenges) as well as products being sold and audience comments and feedback related to those products.

To help others solve their problems, you have to have a way to reach out to them and interact with them. You could try to reach each one individually, which would be a good place to start.

But a better way to connect with your audience is to have your own platform– the opportunity to share your information and help your audience on a bigger scale. You can then reach out to your audience and direct them to your platform where you can share more information with more people in less time.

Personal websites nicknamed “blogs” have been around since the early days of the internet and are still alive and thriving. Blogs started out as a way for ordinary people like you and me to speak our minds, connect with others, & be heard and understood on a personal level.

Over time blogs have evolved to become high quality websites that rival some of the best brands and companies. And instead of blogs being personal in the sense that they are all about the author, they have shifted to being personal in the sense that uses the author as a basis but actually focuses on the visitor and their wants and needs.

A blog is simply a website that is run by an individual or small group. And it is the best way for you to build a platform to reach your audience. It is something you can build from scratch, and with a little guidance and know-how, even the most technology resistant person can easily build a beautiful and profitable website.

When you build your own blog, you have ultimate control over your platform, how you deliver your message, and, most importantly, ultimate control over your business in the long run. It is extremely important to have as much control as possible, and this is really what makes building a business online so exciting and rewarding.

You get to create whatever you want because you call the shots. The sky is the limit, and by putting yourself in a position of control, you can take full advantage.

For your blog to have continuous growth, you must consistently and continuously contribute to your site with information, entertainment, and solutions custom tailored for your audience.

This is the content that will grow your site, your visitors, and your business. You’ve got to give the people what they want! And that means articles, videos, audio, images, interviews, stories, etc., all related to your topic and helpful to your audience.

There aren’t too many opportunities out there that can give you the control and success so many people dream of having in their lives. Luckily, building an online business is one of them.

By now you might be wondering exactly how the money will start rolling in to make the business and prosperity side of things become a reality in your life. And that’s where a sales funnel comes in.

As you begin to help more people, people will start asking you for more help. Just like in school, there are different levels of education, solutions, or progress people are after. People go through phases of interest, research, decision making, and skill levels like beginner, intermediate, and advanced when it comes to achievements and the things they want in life.

You will build your website with high quality free content that helps people overcome hurdles and advance on their path toward getting what they want. You can then offer more advanced solutions in the form of paid products. Solving problems is one of the biggest motivating factors people experience, which is why people are so willing to pay for high quality solutions, especially ones that make life easier.

Using this structure has several advantages, including being able to help the people who need it most without having to charge them anything for it, while at the same time being able to offer premium products to help people who want premium solutions.

The best way to set up your free and paid offers is in the form of a sales funnel. This allows you to cater to your visitor no matter where they are in the process and guide them through the interest, research, and decision making phases of solving their problems.

Do your research and choose 1 problem you can use to focus on building your sales funnel, which will consist of 3 parts: a free offer, a low priced paid offer, and a higher priced paid offer. These are also known as an opt-in product, a front end product, and an upsell.

The free offer is known as an “opt-in” product because you will offer it in exchange for their email address, where you can use a tool called an autoresponder to automatically send more information, interact with your audience, and offer more products.

Your paid solutions can be a product you create yourself by expanding on your free offer, or it could be an affiliate product that has already been created by another professional in your field. Either way, always make sure they are high quality.

Note: Affiliate products offer the advantage of not having to use your own time and resources to get a winning product. Plus they already have a proven track record and positive testimonials, making them perfect to start with for faster progress. And creating your own products has the advantage of higher income potential and greater control, making them perfect to incorporate into your long term plan for success and growth.

Your free offer, autoresponder, front end product, and upsell are all you need to get your sales funnel up and running. Once you have the initial structure in place, you will continue to add more offers to it for more profit and long-term prosperity.

As you build up your website, sales funnel, and traffic, you will create a high quality presence that will continue to establish your income streams and online business. If you follow the right plan and take the right action, you will see the results you’re looking for and literally turn your dreams into your reality.

Continue reading Part 3 to get the details on how to make it happen.