Own a Successful Business Making $10,000 a Month or MORE…

Could this dream become YOUR reality?

Dear Fellow Dreamer,


Have you ever thought about what it would be like to own a business that provides more than enough money to take care of all your wants and needs?

A business where you can feel accomplished, successful, and truly fulfilled?

A business that gives you ultimate control and the ability to live the life of your dreams?

If you answered yes then get ready to pinch yourself, because I have some very good news for you.

Here it is…

There is a ‘virtual formula’ for making money online and building a long term internet based business that can make up to $10,000 a month or more.


Yup, you read that right-- there is a real formula for success.

People of all ages and backgrounds are using this powerful formula to experience success that few even dare to dream of.

Combined with the incredible power of the internet, it is redefining ‘business’ as we know it. And it’s redefining reality for a lot of people and changing lives with newfound financial freedom.

HINT: This ‘secret’ formula has been around for a long time, and isn’t really much of a secret. You may have heard it, or maybe even instinctively know it. Many people are aware of this formula simply because it works.

Before this ‘golden formula’ is revealed, it’s important to note that this is:

NOT A get rich quick scheme
NOT Illegal or immoral
NOT Scammy or spammy

This is powerful knowledge that can be used to change your life and is:

Proven Profitable
Used Successfully by Others Like You

It is a recipe for success that is being used to create a new category of ‘Digital Entrepreneurs’ living life on their terms.

But beware... it is also deceptively simple.

The ultimate ‘secret to success’ boils down to a very short formula:


This means when you have a group of people and present them with the option to buy something, there are a percentage of those people who will most likely buy it. Even if it’s something as silly as a pet rock.

This formula is worth it’s virtual weight in gold.

Let’s dig a little deeper to uncover an improved version of this formula:


Targeted traffic is already interested in your topic, and converting offers have a history of sales. When you present targeted traffic with a converting offer they would be interested in, you can make even more money with less effort.

See? Simple.

But just because it's simple doesn’t mean it's easy.

Usually this is where the formula ends, but we are about to reveal the missing key elements that will make this priceless formula much easier.


Here at The eDream we have studied this formula extensively, and found out that this seemingly simple formula is responsible for creating businesses and brands online that make 5, 6, and even 7 figures a year.

Which is why so many people are drawn to this amazing opportunity.

This formula is embedded in the foundation of every successful business-- online and offline.

Budding entrepreneurs have been using this formula to reach their goals of financial freedom since the invention of money and commerce.

This prized goal of achieving financial freedom is a common one.

It’s the dream and desire that fuels motivation for countless men and women around the world looking to create a better life.

When it really comes down to it, most people don’t need millions or billions to live their dream life.

Most people just need enough to cover all their living expenses plus enough left over to have some fun and save up for a rainy day.

Most people just want to escape the bondage of debt and the stress of living paycheck to paycheck.

And most people agree that an income of $10,000 a month would be life-changing.

But money is just one part of experiencing true freedom in your life. There’s one other very valuable resource you must have control over if you want ultimate control, and that valuable resource is time.

Most six-figure jobs and careers are designed to conform to convention, stifle creativity, and support the best interest of the company, not you as an employee.

You’re expected to sacrifice your time, your energy, your happiness, your individuality, and ultimately your life, all for the greater good of a company who offers no job security and very little genuine appreciation for you and what you do.

Making all that money isn’t very satisfying if you never have any time to enjoy it.

Becoming a digital entrepreneur gives you ultimate control over your time and your finances so you can experience ultimate freedom.

Even though financial freedom and ultimate control are powerful factors that motivate people to become entrepreneurs and make money online, very few actually achieve the success they are after.

Most people who try to make money online never even make a penny, let alone build a successful business and achieve financial freedom.

So what is the difference between those who fail and those who succeed?

Despite having the odds stacked against them, the good news is that there are plenty of rags-to-riches stories when it comes to making money online and building an internet based business.

Not only does that mean that is success possible, it means there are many paths that can be taken and many leaders who have cleared the path and left footsteps for you to follow along your journey.

Each success story is unique, but they all have 3 things in common:

They had the right mindset.

They followed a proven plan based on the golden formula.

They stuck with it until they saw results.

These 3 ingredients are like the ultimate ‘secret ingredients’ when it comes to finding success online as a digital entrepreneur.

No matter your age, gender, background, or education, possessing these traits can work for you just as they have worked for the biggest names in success.

These are the missing key elements that make the process of finding success with the golden formula much easier to achieve.

When we factor in these 3 elements, we get a new & improved version of the 'golden formula' and it looks like this:


The three factors of using the right plan, having the right mindset, and taking continuous action is what results in the success you are after.

These 3 factors are the key difference between those who try and fail, and those who succeed.

So if you want to reach success and achieve your goals, then it is in your best interest to follow this priceless formula.

You can use this formula to change your life!


Before you can see the life changing results of using this formula for yourself, there are 3 things you have to do:

Continue Forward

First you have to decide that this is what you want for yourself and choose to make it happen.

You can make this your reality… IF that is what you truly want.

Next you have to dedicate yourself to whatever is necessary for you to reach success.

Then you have to actually follow the steps and do the work on a consistent basis to make progress, continue moving forward, and achieve your goals.

You can do it, but it will take your inner strength and resolve.

It will take genuine effort, focused energy, and making your future and your success a priority.

Use this formula consistently and you will see for yourself that it is true.

We could stop right here and you would have all the info you need!

Starting your own business online can be very lucrative if you know what you're doing.

But if you don't know what you're doing, you could end up wasting a lot of time or a lot of money without making any real progress.

Or even worse- you could end up giving up on something that has the power to change your life forever.

Just remember: Mindset is key.

Along your journey to success you may experience a range of challenges, ranging from no biggie to total meltdown.

Reaching success will take effort on your part to push through the challenges so you can keep moving forward.

The absolute best way to make this happen is to find a mentor or a coach who will guide you through each step of the journey and push you forward with clear expectations and personal responsibility.


Unfortunately, most well known mentors and coaches tend to be very expensive.

It’s common to have to pay $500, $1,000, even $5,000 on the low end to get those life-changing results.

The price is so ridiculously high because it’s worth it!

The mark of a good mentor is in the results they inspire in YOUR life.
Having a mentor is like having a shortcut to success.

Not only do they show you the path to take, they help you each step along the way.

They show you exactly what is most important and give you valuable advice to take you from where you are now to where you ultimately want to be.

The problem is that they simply cost too much for the average person.

So what are you supposed to do if you want a high quality mentor with high quality results without paying the high price tag?

The solution:


The Easiest & Fastest Way to Make Real Progress,
Reach Success, and Finally Experience True Freedom

This program is specifically designed to get you real results without breaking the bank.

You will get complete step by step guidance on using the ‘Golden Formula’ to become a Digital Entrepreneur, build your own online empire, and work toward financial freedom for yourself.

How You Will Benefit:


The Virtual Mentor Coaching Program gives you the most straight-forward plan for making money online, making it easier than ever for you to set the goal of $10k a month and actually make it happen.


Through mindset conditioning you will master the key to your breakthrough, & with monthly, weekly, and daily tasks & to-do lists you will check off your accomplishments one at a time for the fastest growth possible.


Attain ultimate fulfillment through setting long term goals for your dream life and achieving them with a plan that gives you control and allows you to live up to your highest potential.


Follow a plan that gives you the opportunity to build a successful business on your terms. Develop your talents & strengths, find passion and purpose, make money by helping others, & live the life of your dreams.


Here’s What You Will Get:

Detailed Guide on How to Make Money Online (Value: $599)
- Master the essentials
- Condition your mind for success
- Proven methods that you can trust
- Find your path & prepare for success

12 Month Action Plan (Value: $1,999)
- Monthly, weekly, and daily guidance
- Plan out your business
- Pave the way to success
- Always know what to do next

Sales Funnel Mind Map (Value: $199)
- Get a visual of your online business layout
- See exactly how your business works
- Know how to piece the puzzle together

List Building Checklist (Value: $125)
- Set up and build your email list the easy way
- Build your own ‘on-demand’ traffic source

List Building Resources (Value: $79)
- Discover the best tools of the trade
- Use insider techniques for the best results

You will have everything you need to succeed.


But the true value is in the abilities it can unlock within you:

The Virtual Mentor Coaching Program will give you the structure and motivation to propel you forward, while following the best plan for long term success as a digital entrepreneur.

You will have a plan that starts with your vision and then makes it come to life through sales funnel creation, list building, platform presence, and traffic generation, plus advanced tips for exponential growth.

And the benefits don't end there:

Harness the power of your mind to achieve new heights in your life

Use your unique personality to create your dream business

Find your passion and purpose through helping others

Follow along as everything is laid out for you step by step

Finally experience lasting success and true freedom

And so much more

Personal mentorship or one-on-one coaching on this level is worth upwards of $5,000 and more, and you’d be lucky to get 3 to 6 months of dedicated attention and support.

The eDream Virtual Mentor Coaching Program will not only give you the quality guidance of an expensive personal mentor or coach, it will do it at a fraction of the price.

By taking the same winning principles and delivering them in a virtual format, we can give you the results you’re looking for at a price you can afford.

As noted above, the value of this eCourse is well above $2,999.

This course is specially designed for people who are struggling and want to take their lives to the next level.

We know that every dollar is precious, so we took the original value and slashed the price by 90%.

So the original price for this Coaching Program was set at $299.

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Your ultimate success depends on all the small choices you make along the way.

Whatever you choose, commit yourself to making the best decisions for the growth of yourself, your income, and the realization of your dreams.

What are your dreams really worth to you?

See you on the inside,
Fellow Dreamer



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