We All Have Something

giftWe each have strengths and we each have weaknesses.

Because we are each similar yet at the same time completely unique, we each have mental, emotional, and physical advantages and disadvantages.

Our strengths are easy to brag about, but our weaknesses are often neglected.

This is understandable- who wants to dwell on their shortcomings??

Unfortunately, they must be faced head-on to be conquered.

It would be so much easier to ignore them, to just go on as if they don’t exist.
But this doesn’t solve anything. In fact, it makes things worse!

Resolving issues not only makes them go away, it also improves the other areas of your life that were being negatively affected.

So if there is something holding you back, it is wise to overcome that hurdle as soon as you can.

Easy to say… Not as easy to do!

First you have to acknowledge your weakness and how it’s negatively affecting you.
Next you must be certain that you want to overcome your weakness.
Then you have to tap into what you know to be true in your mind, heart, and gut.
Learn to trust yourself for the best guidance.

Do what you know you should be doing
Don’t do what you know you shouldn’t be doing.
Repeat every day.

Again, easy to say, not as easy to do. But you must! So even if it’s hard do it anyway.

We have the God-given ability to overcome our weaknesses and allow them to transform our lives for the better. So it is important that each of us takes advantage of this simple opportunity for greatness.

Speaking of greatness, that brings us to our strengths.

You were designed with certain talents, and it is up to you how you use them, or even if you use them.

It would be in our own (plus everyone else’s) best interest to tap into our talents to share with the world.
If you can see how addressing your weaknesses could improve your life, just imagine how developing your strengths will change things.

Life is all about experience, so why not aim to have the best experience possible?

You can build a money-making business by using your strengths and compensating for your weaknesses and change your life!

Even if you don’t decide to pursue financial freedom, you will still feel free by nurturing your strengths and growing from your weaknesses.

Just remember we all have something.